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The Campervan - story by Kevin Cathers


The project

RVision is a story about snowboarding through the eyes of an RV. Last winter we bought our first pair of wheels, picked up a license to drive and travelled through the alps in search of deep snow. It was one of the best experiences of our lives so we want to share our story through this film.

In the editing process we worked closely with three musicians, Jan Jossi (Drums) Andreas Achermann (Keys) and Marcel Frautschi (Bass). The talented trio created a unique soundtrack inspired by our images.

The makers

We are thogor!
Thomas Landolt and Gregor Betschon

Home sweet home

Emma, our lovely home brought us (almost) everywhere we needed to go. With 28 years under her wheels, she carried a bit of package, but also brought a lot of experience into our relationship. She knows what she wants and needs and we did our best to keep her satisfied.


Photo Kevin Cathers / Thomas Landolt